This is my first attempt at making a blog. It just had to be tried. The site is intended as a supplement to my genealogy-site (My Roots), which is linked to above and will therefore probably mostly be about something that has to do with that kind.

I don´t know how long this blog will live. It probably depends a bit on whether someone bothers to look at it and / or comment on it.

My Roots has a number of visitors that is usually just under 100 visits a day, but there have been examples of over 500 visits in a single day. Many of these visits are probably spam-related, but there are also many serious visitors. Spam-robots are, however, prevented from wreaking havoc, but unfortunately there are also examples of someone entering their spam and advertising manually in my mail form. These are immediately trown out again, and this way here I have to approve every single feature before it is published.

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